Businesses in their first five years face unique challenges and opportunities.  While business owners are often highly skilled at producing the product or performing the services specific to the business, they usually lack the marketing acumen to define and execute the optimum marketing strategies for their type of business. Those that do possess marketing knowledge often don’t have the time to successfully implement what they know needs to be done to grow the business.

Small business owners facing these challenges often experience:

  1. Spending hundreds – or even thousands – of dollars each month on marketing, but not knowing what campaigns are effective and which are not.
  2. Serial failed marketing efforts, leading the business owner to conclude that “nothing works,” and relying exclusively on word of mouth or sheer luck to bring new customers.
  3. “Feast or famine” revenue patterns due to alternating focus of marketing and product/service delivery.

The Overwhelm Eliminator Coaching Program is designed to help business owners end the overwhelm, frustration, and ineffectiveness of small business marketing.

I help the business owner to identify their ideal customers, refine marketing messages, create customer-driven marketing campaigns, implement automatic followup systems, and increase profitability and refer-ability.

Additionally, throughout the three-month coaching engagement, Rock Ridge media provides a suite of online marketing services to help the business be found, get more customers, and increase average purchase amount and frequency. Together, we will assemble a personalized “marketing manual” that will assist in future growth and make marketing the business faster, easier, and less expensive.

Interested business owners must undergo a free strategic planning session with Matt Gordon of Rock Ridge Media. Placement in the coaching program is by application only, and is not guaranteed. Participation in the program is strictly limited to two new students per month.